Saturday, February 5, 2011

[color, i need some color people!]

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i need vibrancy in the the clouded and salt crunching steps of the east coast. how do you wake yourself up but with smell, cue garlic and ginger, with bright colors cue bright greens and purples. energy energy come on, body you got this. here is where the kale kicks in the front door with nutrients that fortify you, can't help but energize you. plus the creamy goof fat of avocado? this is not in any fashion or form a losing situation, people. with these ingredients i keep my sri racha or sambal oelek in close proximity for optimal union of savory and spice. my wok is on duty right next to me and everything joins in with exception to avocado. it's a fast process, medium to high heat that keeps the crunch and color in.

here's the transformation:

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sloppy, colorful, reminiscent of summer and spring and the debonaire cross-hatched grill lines on the tofu doesn't hurt either. see the shredded carrot? that's raw people. with the shallots, i just couldn't help myself. it's the pilipin@ way, so instead of crunchy fried garlic i opted for the sweet of shallots this time around. fresh herbs like cilantro, basil, mint, parsley all magnify the ginger, garlic and shallots. i turn to parsley because my household, aka my partner thinks like many good hearts do, that cilantro tastes like wax. not shown are the 3 types of hot sauce that i very well may mix and match. some fresh bird's eye/thai chili or thinly sliced jalapenos could work here too. you could pass up the noodles if you want and just use some brown and wild rice for more protein and a shift in texture up in there.
i basically eat the same 10 things over and over because i like the convenient, quick, and fresh. off the top of my head, i've got nutritious colorful food that motivates even the most humbuggable(yes, it's a word, i'm a poet son!) skeptic, which again, is usually me. use homemade peanut sauce, drizzle sesame oil, even a thrash of hoisin sauce and you are set. oh and..... wait, was this vegan? yeah, i think was. BAM! lol.... just humor me or look at the pretty colors, okay?

[me, doing what i do. see how my hand is blurry? that's the speed of hunger
and hot sauce in full effect!]

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