Monday, August 8, 2011

[ol' school summer recipes 2011]

previous RFP summer tastes include some fruit-inspiration all the way to some spicy for the sweltering months. soon, we'll have some new concoctions including citrus-ades, sodas, grilled delights, and possibly a pie suggestion or few. double dog pinky swear, which is some ol' school ish that you can believe in.

for now, it get goin' at your next meeting or cutely star bedazzled dinner date with any of the following old school, good flavored recipes below. there's a a good grasp on anyone's food wants and needs from they meaty to the raw vegan.

what are your favorite old summer recipes? do they involve-- hours of marinating? chopping/picking your own fruit? picnics by the beach in your favorite short shorts? a snack to take kite flying or on a hike?

share with us your iconic summer stand outs and also, test some of ours! some are more mobile, time-intensive, and more healthy than others, but i wouldn't let any of those little factors stop you.

sample possibilities:
* meal for the lover lover ohhhh: grilled sweet pork chops with a side of quinoa,  a red plum sorbet for dessert... and some privacy. y'thanks. 
beats choice: prince, call my name.

* the nudging afternoon wake-up: sweet and spicy watermelon salad, quinoa for entree, and close out with a crisp and fresh juice/smoothie of your choice. swirly straws included,  if you are adventurous. 
beats choice: the noisettes, wild young hearts.

*fruity for the company: sweet and spicy watermelon salad and after a few boardgames, some scoops of plum sorbet.  add some fresh mint or basil to garnish!  
beats choice: solange knowles, i decided.

RECIPES on their own:

[lunch, dinner, entree]

red plum sorbet
[snack, dessert]

quinoa for queers
[side dish, entree, dinner, lunch, snack]

[lunch, dinner, entree]

[snack, salad]                                    


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