about RFP

thanks for visiting y'all! here are recipes and rituals to raise up the spirit and community.

food brings so many of us together, allows us to share across the table, allows us to celebrate during times of war, ache, pain, silence. when world events and stories of survival strike us, i find myself at the stove ready to feed my family and friends. if you understand this, let's seek vision and joy through our bellies together, yes?

if you would like to contribute, please send me your recipes and we can talk more about your love of food and liberation. contact me by email: kaybarrett(at) gmail.com

if you use any of these recipes please give me a shout.

*to justice & hunger,
k. ulanday barrett


not a chef, not a nutritionist, just someone who performs
poetry and spoken word, who is a youth educator. if you know
me there are two things you know above all my faults:

1) i am committed to cultural work and liberation for all
2) i can make a thoughtful and appetizing meal
with equally as much commitment.

i have watched recipes unfold themselves since childhood.
some of them tasted divine leaving imprint on taste buds and
even intimate histories, others tasted like crap. it was this culinary
curiosity for food and cultural resistance that helps a queer brown
geeky poor kid grow up and beyond the stifling american dream.
we are rooted together by the consummate pancit recipe that
became body memory, a mango sliced to a welcoming flower
now means to chronicle family stories, organization's stories
clanking the spoons of community potlucks and so on.

i walk with the support of ancestors & heroes, all cooks of the
heart, some of the public pulse even:
-my lolo guillermo
-my lola rita
-and nanay ko, cecilia
-and many thanks to doreen fernandez, pinay food journalist
whom i've never met, but who has made spirit, politics, and food all

my short artist bio 
A CAMPUS PRIDE Hot List artist, Kay Ulanday Barrett is a poet, performer, educator, and martial artist navigating life as a pin@y-amerikan trans/queer in the U.S. with struggle, resistance, and laughter. Currently based in NY/NJ, with roots in Chicago, K’s work is the perfect mix of gritty city flex and Midwest open sky grounded in homeland soil. In Mango Tribe and in solo work, K. has featured in colleges and stages nationally and internationally; from the NJ Performing Arts Center to Chicago’s Hot House, The Brooklyn Museum to The Loft in Minneapolis, to touring the U.S. with the 1st Mangos with Chili Tour, K’s bold work continues to excite and challenge audiences. Honors include: Chicago’s LGBTQ 30 under 30 awards, Finalist for The Gwendolyn Brooks Open-Mic Award, Windy City Times Pride Literary Poetry Prize 2009, and recently, a contribution in the anthology “Kicked Out” released by Homofactus Press in 2009. K. turns art into action, as a dedicated activist who works with LGBTQ youth, and a core member of Shelter From the Downpour, an organization devoted to the support of LGBT and youth Pilipin@ typhoon survivors in the Philippines.